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How can I consolidate all my investment
portfolios in one place?

Today’s investors have a very diverse investment portfolio. Almost all HNIs have investments in cash accounts, fixed deposits, Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Real Estate, the list goes on. Depending on how much of a risk an investor is willing to take, the investments vary.

With such a diverse portfolio, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the investments. Between your cash accounts, deposits, mutual funds, bonds, shares, and other investments, you could end up juggling a few different account statements from various banks and organizations.

This comes with the challenge of building an asset allocation plan, logging into multiple accounts individually, being unaware of all your investments’ profit and losses, and so on. Keeping track of all your investments separately would require the majority of your time and attention.

The Relationship with The Banks

Many banks offer the services of wealth managers who would suggest that you invest in certain assets or keep you abreast of all the schemes that the bank has to help you multiply your investments. However, each Relationship Manager or banking professional only provides support with respect to individual banks.

The next step for someone who is seriously vested in investing money in multiple ventures is to hire someone who will guide and support you through your investments, Equities, bonds, investments in Commodities, and so on, for a hefty price. Again, you run the risk of not knowing the latest trends in the market when focusing on a particular avenue.

While multiple investments are a smart way to save and reap benefits, there will not be much in the way of gains if you do not routinely keep track of what is going on with your money. Keeping a portfolio that constantly tracks maturity dates and the rise and fall of the stock market could take your investments that extra mile.

This is where a platform that consolidates all your investments and private banking becomes necessary. A good platform not only helps you to draw up your account statements with the click of a button but serves as your assistant throughout the year. A good application or website that promises to help you with a portfolio for your investments will serve the primary purpose of syncing all your accounts and track their performance. In short, it serves as a manager for all your investments, at the click of a button.

How Do I Choose a Platform to Consolidate My Portfolios?

The primary aspect you have to see in a portfolio consolidation platform is customization. While some people may prefer to track their accounts using spreadsheets, others might prefer a pictorial or graphic representation. Customized views offered by the applications help you decide the best way to access and monitor your various accounts. Other customization options could include asset class and security.

Customization can also come in the form of choosing which investments to focus on at a given point in time. While some investments, such as gold and cash do not need constant monitoring, Equities and Mutual funds could prove tricky. Therefore, for the busy investor, it is imperative that there are notifications regarding any change in fortunes in the stock market.

Many fintech portfolio platforms also give you updates about your investments in the form of news articles, data on the markets you have invested in, notifications about late-breaking stories, and so on. These will help you watch for trends that could prove beneficial and also multiply the value of your investments.

The Wealthbrain Edge

Service providers like Wealthbrain or. So, they go a few steps further, making the tracking of your investments easy and stress-free, so you can focus on everyday things.

A Comprehensive Outlook of Your Investment

While many of us like to believe that we are making informed decisions and that our money is in the right place, a lack of awareness is a deterrent to making our money grow. In this regard, Wealthbrain provides a comprehensive outlook of your investments, and how you stand to gain or lose with each. With partnerships with some of the most popular financial service providers, Wealthbrain gives you market updates, making it easy for you to monitor the future of your investments and make well-informed decisions.

High Security

Regardless of how important a platform could be, there could be concerns regarding a breach of security, as there are increasing cases of phishing and identity theft. This is why choosing a platform that identifies with your safety concerns is vital. Wealthbrain platform uses all secure login options and makes your account safe.

Unified Platforms

Unified platforms that connect accounts that are spread across various countries are another requirement for today’s on-the-go generation. Wealthbrain allows users to consolidate all investments and accounts globally and helps you get a global investment portfolio, mapping currencies and providing comprehensive solutions to all your questions about your investments.

Personalized Plans

Personalized plans help with daily monitoring, unrealized profits and losses, and such. With a bird’s eye view of your investments, it becomes easier to understand which areas require focus, which investments are not reaping benefits, and to decide if you should further invest in a certain area or make a new investment.

Track Your Investment on The Go!

Wealthbrain can be accessed from your desktop, laptop, and smartphone- a necessity for most people today. While the app could provide updates while you are traveling or during your daily commute to work, you could take a detailed look at the state of affairs during a break at work, or from the comfort of your home.

The Importance of An Investment Tracking Platform

A balanced portfolio will depict the right kind of investments and how much you have invested in each area. The advantage of having a consolidated portfolio platformis that it helps you to have a comprehensive idea of your financial objectives as well.Every investment is a step in the direction towards a more financially secure future.

A service provider worth its salt, such as Wealthbrain will help you with the three pillars of successful investing- financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment limits. The platform will help you make informed decisions for your investment plans so you can achieve your goals at the earliest, with the least risks. However lucrative some investments may seem to us, the fallacy of investing in those can be understood with the notifications that the apps provide, keeping our money safe.

In addition to this, a rebalancing of your investments is imperative to help you stay on track and not lose focus on your long-term goals. An analysis of your portfolio would provide all the necessary details, helping you understand which ones are not beneficial and which ones require more attention than the rest. Efficient capitalization of opportunities is of the essence for an investor and Wealthbrain understands that.


When you decide to consolidate all your investment portfolios in one place, in order to save time and effort, choose a platform that provides all the features that will enable you to not only access your statements but also help you grow your wealth and advice you on the risk factors associated to the investments you have made.

Choose a partner in your financial growth, instead of a mere window to information that you can access readily if you have an email address or messaging service. Grow your investments wisely by choosing a service provider that would be your companion through your journey, and make investing an enjoyable, easy affair.