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What is asset management?

The term ‘asset management refers to the service of managing the portfolios of clients by helping them invest in various asset classes. It is a professional service where they work towards increasing the wealth of the client by acquiring, maintaining, and trading investments that showcase potential growth. The following professionals perform these services for their clients

  • Asset Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • External Asset Managers (EAM)
  • Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s)

These professionals cater to clients having higher minimum investment thresholds.

Understanding Asset management

Asset management is delicately placed between two major aspects of increasing the value of investment and risk mitigation. The type of investment depends on the financial goals and the risk tolerance level of the client. The investments can include stocks, government bonds, real estate, mutual funds, ETFs hedge funds, structured notes, structure products, bank products, annuities, insurance, debt funds, cash, index funds, tax-saving funds, gold, etc.

New technological developments for asset management

The fintech industry has grown in the past decade. There are various fintech solutions that provide tools for efficient asset management.

  • Wealthbrain is a cloud-based system that helps in the consolidation, analytics, and reporting of financial and lifestyle investments on a single platform.
  • Wealthbrain is creating an ecosystem that increases the efficiency of asset management by offering best-in-class solutions

Benefits of the new technological development for asset management.

Asset management companies require to invest time in research of asset classes, monitoring the portfolio, building strategies for the clients, making profit and loss statements, compiling the reports of the clients from global banks and custodians, sending reports to the clients, sending the contract notes to the clients on daily basis, maintaining  CRM of clients, maintaining trade order records, etc. The new technological development provides best-in-class solutions for asset management. Wealthbrain is a cloud-based SAAS application that digitalizes asset management. Wealthbrain provides various features which are beneficial for asset management.

Get consolidation, analytics, and reporting of financial and lifestyle investments on a single platform.

Get a Customized platform according to your requirements.

Anytime accessibility. Access your portfolio anywhere with Wealthbrain App.

Wealthbrain is ISO 27001 complaint, which enables best-in-class data protection.

A platform integrated with various global banks and custodians.

Wealthbrain provides a holistic view of your total net worth.

Get structure product analysis on the platform.

Get customer relationship management software created for wealth management companies.

Get a lead management system created for wealth management companies.

Get market data from leading market data providers.

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